The mission of Kol Ami is to build leadership. The driving force is concern for and a sense of responsibility for the future of the Jewish people and the State of IIsrael. As an academy for leadership, Kol Ami strives to take part in shaping and leading a change in perception, behavior and culture at all levels of society. However, not all the participants have to draft into the IDF and you don't have to have a high level of fitness to join the program.

For this purpose, Kol Ami created an intensive and demanding program, whose purpose is to strive for excellence in mind, body, and soul from our students, and to develop qualities of personal and national responsibility, sensitivity and commitment to live meaningful lives and give back to society.

The results are amazing:

90% of Mechina graduates serve as commanders in the IDF, often in combat unites, special forces and elite intelligence units.

25% of IDF officers and 10% of graduates of the prestigious pilot course are Mechina alumni. Commanders of battalions and divisions give preference to mechina graduates, as the year of training, personal development and volunteering prepares them to become leaders who take responsibility, lead by example, and solve difficult situations that demand high morale and serious experience with human dilemmas.

From years of experience with ‘Lone Soldiers’  we understand the difficulty of joining the IDF and serving far from home. Kol Ami's intensive Israeli program assures better mental, physical and social readiness for living in Israel and serving in the IDF.

Having strong Hebrew skills is important for a smooth absorption into the IDF. Kol Ami is conducted in English but living with Israelis 24/7 is probably the best way to learn Hebrew. We also provide Hebrew Ulpan classes.


Kol Ami’s professional staff are with you during the absorption process and will do all they can to make sure you get into your preferred unit. Bureaucracy is eased by being a part of an official program that works in cooperation with government institutes such as Ministry of Absorption, Bituach Leumi and the IDF. Furthermore, during your military service, your Kol Ami staff and friends will be there for you as your second family.

All Kol Ami participants participate in physical training 2-3 times a week which consists of rigorous physical and mental exercises that are designed to improve endurance and stamina, as well as running, krav maga.