Joining the IDF?‎  Come prepared

The Barak and Michael pre-draft programs for overseas volunteers and new immigrants (in cooperation with Kol Ami, The Jewish Agency, The IDF, the Department of Social-Security and the Lone Soldiers Center in Memory of Michael Levine) are four (Barak) or six weeks (Michael)  of pre-draft induction that include:

Physical preparation  Training, hikes, orientation and challenging activities

Mental preparation  Lessons, lectures and workshops on a variety of topics: how to prepare for induction, the rights of lone soldiers, explanations of units and roles, coordinating expectations, visits to military bases, meetings with soldiers and officers, etc.

Trips to all parts of Israel and visits to national heritage sites

Getting to know Israeli society and deepening Jewish and Zionist identity

Hebrew lessons to improve your language skills

Developing social and leadership skills

Participation in this program replaces the need to do some of the courses at Michveh Alon at the beginning of your army service.

Meet with dozens of other recruits from around the world – a family for IDF service and for life.


The program includes accommodation – and participation is free!