At Kol Ami we strive to strengthen the link between Israel's Jews and Diaspora Jews through their common historical and cultural heritage, while inspiring desire for mutual action and commitment to the future.

We believe in learning for the sake of learning which makes classes lively, positive, and involved. Topics studied include Jewish texts and history, Zionism, leadership, philosophy, and Israel advocacy. Our goal is that the students will become leaders with vision and purpose, possessing the resolve and ability to affect real change both within themselves and society at large.

Develop Jewish Peoplehood


Develop leadership abilities and the desire to lead and serve as a personal example.

Participants will establish and run committees working on individual and group projects. Committees are responsible for all aspects of Mechina life including educational content, PR, cooking, cleaning, ordering groceries and more.



We want all of our participants, to get to know Israel both geographically and socially and to challenge their perceptions of the country. In order to accomplish this, participants are exposed to all sectors of the Israeli population. Additionally, they develop their understanding of how the pioneer spirit is still very much alive in contemporary Israel.

Love of Israel


As part of the immersion into Israeli society and to contribute to it and to gain skills and experiences when returning to their home communities, participants dedicate time to volunteer  within the communities surrounding the different mechina campuses. Projects include teaching English in schools, visiting with the elderly, working with the people with special needs and agricultural work.

Community Service


We teach self-empowerment through coping with physically difficult situations. Participants will develop physical fitness and mental stability, learn about the IDF and its role, learn navigation skills and practices designed especially for those entering the IDF. Participants returning to University will be well prepared with experiences, knowledge and skills for the next steps in becoming students and leaders on campus and in their home communities.

Preparation for the next step