Mimi Lax | Director of Kol Ami

Mimi has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Organization and Management of Educational Systems.
For 10 years, she ran MASA programs for participants aged 18-30 from Australia and the United States.
Mimi Initiated and founded the "Kol Ami" preparatory program in the belief that a meaningful encounter between Jewish youth from all over the world is powerful and has the potential to bring about a significant change in global Jewish leadership in the future.
Mimi has been serving as chair of the Alon community for several year and is also a life coach, mother to 4 and grandmother to her  3 grandchildren.


Gabi Grabin | Director of Education

Gabi lives in Jerusalem, is married and had two children.

He has been in the field of Jewish leadership for nine years. He began his career as an instructor in the IBC Youth Program for Australian teens and subsequently coordinated and directed the program. He is one of the founders of Kol Ami and is also responsible for the IDF's preparatory programs for new immigrants and overseas volunteers (Mahal).
He is a lecturer of Bible Leadership in Kol Ami and other Mechinot.

He studied for a bachelor's degree in political science and communications at Bar-Ilan University and served in the IDF as an infantry and engineering officer in the Golani Brigade and today as an officer in the reserves.
He is a graduate of the religious kibbutz yeshiva in Maale Gilboa.


Yarden Freimann | Director of Activities in Israel

Yarden lives in Natur, a mixed religious-secular moshav in the Golan Heights.
He is married with three children.

He is a graduate of Mehinat "Ein Prat", has a BA in Philosophy & Psychology and is studying for an MA in American Jewish Studies.
Previously he led the IBC program and directed educational programs in a secular school before co-founding Kol Ami.
He served as tank officer in the IDF and is currently an officer in the reserves.
He believes in action on behalf of the Zionist vision and the Jewish people.


Elkana Bar Eitan | North American Representative

Elkana was born and raised in Jerusalem to parents who grew up in America.

After completing his army service, he obtained an undergraduate degree in Social work and a graduate degree in diplomacy.

An educator at heart, he began his career as a tour guide, sharing his passion for Israel with travelers of all ages and backgrounds. After spending five years on the road, Elkana took on the new challenges, directing the IBC gap year program and leading new business venture.

Elkana currently resides in Rockville MD with his wife and two daughters. 


Ady Blum | Director, Kiriat Yearim Campus

Ady is married to Shany and together they live in Jerusalem. Ady is 33 years old and has a BA in PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Economics). Ady has been working in Zionist informal education since 2005 in various movements and programs. After the army Ady  joined the Movement for Progressive Judaism where ran the educational component of the Netzer movement gap year. Ady likes to go back and forth between studying and exploring his Jewish identity, to learning and fighting for political, social and economic justice. His intuition tells him that striving for justice and Jewish identity are intertwined.


Elroi Hanan | Director, Kibbutz Bahan Campus

Elroi is married Shahar, the father of Kerem and lives in Pardes Hana.
He has a BA in Business Administration and a MA in Educational Management.
He is a Graduate from a number of Jewish Agency missions, has mentored youth groups from abroad and has trained shlichim for nearly a decade.
He previously served as a branch manager in the Nachshon mechina and as a coordinator at HaShomer HaChadash.
He believes that Zionism in 2020 is: connecting the people to themselves, their country and their heritage. He considers the creation of an integrated religious and secular life a necessity for the creation of the new Israeli, and a connection between the Jews of Israel and the world as a moral obligation and mutual guarantee.


Ariella Poni Kronish | Director, Kiriat Anavim 

Ariella lives in Jerusalem, is married to Amit and has three wonderful daughters.

As part of the Noam youth movement, she did a year of pre-army volunteer work. She served in the army as  the commander of a course that trains teachers and prepares them to be commanders and Hebrew teachers.

Ariella has a BA in Jewish and General History, a teacher's certificate from Machon Kerem, and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Schechter Institute.

Ariella worked for 16 years at the NFTY EIE High School in Israel as the director of Jewish life and learning, and feels that the encounter between Jews from Israel and the diaspora is crucial and enriching. An active member of Kehilat Zion in Jerusalem, she believes in the importance of belonging to a community and leading a pluralistic Jewish lifestyle.

אריאלה פורטרט.jpg

Arik Speaker | Director, Migdal Oz Campus

Arik grew-up in Antwerp, Belgium.  After 12 active years in Bnei Akiva, he made Aliya and enrolled in the “Machal Hesder" program at the Maale Adumim Yeshiva. He has BA in Law from the Bar Ilan University, combined with Torah sSudies at the university's Kollel and an MA in American Jewish studies from the University of Haifa. 
After the Amiel training program before shlichut and obtaining his Smicha from Rabbi Riskin, Arik served as a shaliach for 4 years as the assistant Rabbi of the ICZ, (the unified Jewish community of Zurich) together with his wife Efrat who served as Switzerland's Bnei Akiva Shlicha.

For the last 6 years Arik worked at Torah MiTzion both as the founder and manager of - an online platform offering video-conference courses in Russian, French and German - as well as the head of the European Desk. Arik speaks Hebrew, English, French, German and Dutch. He lives in Tekoa, Gush Etzion, with his wife and 5 children.


Maya Arber | Registration & Social Media Coordinator

Maya grew up right outside Washington, DC. She has been working for Kol Ami since 2017, and has enjoyed being part of the process of bringing Jewish teens from all around the world to Israel. Maya has a BA in Human Services & Psychology from the University of Delaware and is currently working towards her Masters in Organizational Psychology at Reichman University in Hertzliya. She recently made Aliyah and is excited for this new chapter in her life in Israel. She hopes that this transition will provide her with new perspectives and opportunities in her position at Kol Ami.

Maya holds strong connections to our participants from abroad, and our recruitment committees in our various campuses around Israel. Please reach out to Maya if you are interested in hearing more about the Kol Ami experience!