Connect with Israel 


Kol Ami - The Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy

6 + 3 months of personal growth and empowerment

Unite Israelis and Jews from around the world

Volunteer in the local community

Explore the land of Israel

Gain leadership skills

Increase physical endurance 

The Kol Ami Year of Service 

Kol Ami is a life-changing leadership program operated by the Jewish Agency for both Israelis and Jews from around the world. We strive to forge a deep, meaningful, and lasting connection among the next generation of Jews, who embrace their differences. 
Our participants come from different backgrounds - religious, secular, and everything in between. During the program, develop deep friendships, while exploring Israel, volunteering, learning, and living together as a community. Classes focus on the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, a topic that involves discussions and personal thinking. 

As part of the immersion into Israeli society and to contribute to it, students dedicate time to volunteer within their communities. Projects include teaching English in schools, visiting with the elderly, working with the disabled and agricultural work.

Program dates: Sep 1- June 1
Program cost (including accommodation and all meals and activities) : $14,500*
Campus Locations: Jerusalem, Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim, Kiriyat Yearim, Kibbutz Bahan, Kibbutz Migdal Oz, and Carmiel

*Scholarships available

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"To be a graduate of the Kol Ami mechina means that you always lead by personal example wherever you are, and work towards a better society." Maor, Haifa

"The best thing about being together with Israelis is that you always feel at home. You feel part of Israel. You're joined to Israel and know more about it." Rafi, New Jersey

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