Jewish Leaders. By Yaara Salamon Micheli

Mehinat Kol Ami is pleased to announce that today we're starting a new series of posts where every week one of our tsevet members will write about what is happening in the Hebrew calendar, the news, the weekly Torah portion, and more relating to Jewish Peoplehood and Leadersip. You're welcome to share, comment and like the post of course.

And to start us off, Ya'ara, Director of Shluchat Ramat Hadassah...

Today, Tuesday, March 28, there will be an important and festive event that most of you are probably not aware of: the memorial ceremony for all the deceased Presidents and Prime Ministers of Israel. And perhaps you ask - what's so special about March 28 that this is the day when we remember the memory of these people who were prominent leaders of the Jewish people??? Well? Do you know? Take a look at the Hebrew calendar... Ahhhhh, well, that's clear! This is Rosh Chodesh Nissan!! And why Nissan? In the month of Nissan, the Passover holiday is celebrated, which placed on the map one of the most prominent leaders of the Jewish people - Moses. Moshe was not a military man, not even a politician. He was not fluent or popular. He goes beyond the leader's classic personality patterns. The forces of Moshe's leadership derive from his being a true man, a man of humility and an educator for generations to come. Many leaders today turn to populism, relying on hypocritical charisma and rhetoric - usually it will not "hold" too much. He sets the foundations for those who follow him, without noise or ringing, without taking credit at every turn, who sees the public good for a higher purpose than his personal good - his leadership will echo to future generations and so does his influence.

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