Holocaust Remembrance Day. By Gilad Shoham

Why davka do we commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day this week? Why was the date of Holocaust and Heroism Day chosen on its date?

Why not by the date of Kristallnacht, the Wannsee Conference, the end of the World War, or International Holocaust Day marked on the day the Auschwitz camp was liberated?

The 27th Nissan was used before the establishment of the state as a memorial day in the Jewish community in the Land of Israel, commemorating the victims of the hostilities in Israel since the beginning of the Arab Revolt.

In 1951, when they began to institutionalize the memory in official legislation, the approach to Holocaust remembrance in general was to emphasize the ethos of the "fighting Jew." For this reason, they offered to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - the largest Jewish revolt that broke out during the Holocaust, today commemorating the Holocaust and heroism.

However, the Warsaw uprising broke out on 19 April 1943, the 14th of Nisan on the eve of Passover 5703, and the eve of Passover is not a suitable date for a national memorial day. Finally, it was decided to set the 27th of Nissan as the day of Holocaust remembrance, six days after the end of Passover and a week before the IDF Memorial Day.

The fact that Holocaust Remembrance Day falls eight days before Independence Day has a symbolic significance that emphasizes the transition of the Jewish nation from Holocaust to Resurrection.

Passover Day >>> Holocaust Day >>> Memorial Day for IDF Fallen Soldiers >>> Yom Ha'atzmaut contains the ancient and new Jewish story, connects history to the present, Diaspora Jewry to Israel, the religious to the secular and us to ourselves. Our national story began there in the Exodus, when we were first defined as a people. We went to independence, but on the way we met the desert, the destruction, the pogroms and disasters, and at the height of the Holocaust. But we did not disappear and did not sleep - we rose from the ashes every time, sacrificed and fought and came here, to the place dreamed of in the Exodus from Egypt 3,000 years ago.

Therefore, when we reach Holocaust Remembrance Day we remember and grieve, but we are also proud and strengthened. Behind us is ancient history and we have a clear future ahead of us. The two weeks that we are in the middle of today make it clear that we ourselves are part of the great Jewish story.

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