Kol Ami currently offers the regular 6 month program (Mechina) .  Please enquire for a 10 month program for those wishing to spend a longer period in Israel after the mechina. 

The ten month option will help you make the best of your gap year and deepen your experience in Israel.

Internship at the Jewish Agency

Advance your resume, earn real career skills

This program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring Jewish leaders to acquire new skills while contributing to the Jewish people and Israeli society. Join the professional team of the Jewish agency and strengthen the connection between the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

As an Associate for both the Marketing and Communications and the Development departments of the Jewish Agency the interns will be responsible for the production of meaningful content and materials for the departments including  writing, editing and researching issues facing global Jewry for articles, 

position papers, and marketing collateral; drafting press releases, mapping relevant news outlets among Jewish and global media contacts, PR for article and news placement online and in print; interviewing individuals from the organizational spectrum – lay leadership, partners, rabbis, staff, and program participants – for articles, profile pieces, podcasts, website stories; drafting social media strategies and campaigns.