Kol Ami is a life changing leadership program operated by the Jewish Agency for both Israelis and Jews from around the world. We strive to forge a deep, meaningful, and lasting connection amongst the next generation of Jews, who embrace their differences. 


Our participants come from different backgrounds - religious, secular, and everything in between. During the program, develop deep friendships, while exploring Israel, volunteering, learning, and living together as a community. Classes focus on the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, a topic that involves discussions and personal thinking. 


We embrace our diversity and challenge one other to think what exactly it means to be a Jew. The uniqueness of Kol Ami is the positive environment that is created by the desire of the participants to better themselves and become the next generation of Jewish leaders.

"Suddenly a man wakes up in the morning,
he feels he is a nation, and begins to walk..."  Amir Gilboa
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