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Payment Terms & Conditions:

Tzafona Tikun Olam Ltd.

Web Payment Platform – Terms and Conditions


  1. Preface

1.1 Welcome to our web payment platform.


1.2 Our company operates a network of pre-enlistment preparatory programs, in addition to volunteer centers in Israel and abroad. Our programs are designed to accommodate a diverse audience. We encourage our participants to achieve self-fulfillment and transform their lives in meaningful ways, through active participation in community life, extensive engagement in social activities and the study of Judaism, leadership, and democracy.


1.3 Through this site, you ("the User") will be able to clear payments for services purchased from us ("the Company"), including enrollment to our programs and activities.


    2. User Statement


2.1 By placing a payment order through this website, you acknowledge that you have carefully read these terms and conditions and accept them.


2.2 These terms and conditions constitute a binding contract between yourself and the Company.


2.3 If you disapprove of these terms and conditions, you should REFRAIN from using this website.


2.4 By making a payment through this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please check the box to confirm that you have read and understood the terms. You will be able to proceed with the payment only once you check the box.


    3. Terms and Restrictions


3.1 The use of this payment service is allowed only to legally competent adults (over the age of 18). Corporations incorporated outside the State of Israel are not allowed to use this platform.


3.2 You must use a personal valid credit card to make payments through this platform. By using a credit card which belongs to a third party, you declare that you have obtained the owner's prior permission.


3.3 In order to use this website, you must have a valid email address and a current residential address in Israel or in another country which has diplomatic relations with Israel.


3.4 If a legal guardian has been appointed to act on your behalf, any use you make of this website shall be deemed approved by the appointed guardian.


3.5 Filling out false information may be a criminal offense and as such require the Company to take the necessary legal action against you.


    4. The Clearing Process


4.1 Payments made by using this website are cleared by a third-party professional service provider, through a payment server secured in accordance with acceptable industry standards.


4.2 Any payment order made through this website is verified and forwarded to a clearing company. The clearing company directs the order to the credit card company for processing. The transaction cannot go forward until it is approved by the credit card company.


4.3 Once the payment order is processed, the payment server will issue an email notification to the payor, confirming its receipt.


4.4 Once the payment is cleared, an invoice will be sent to the email address you provided.


    5. Non-Refundable fixed payment


5.1 The transaction amount is comprised of a non-refundable fixed payment ("the Registration Fee") and the remaining participation fees, as set by the Company for each program.


5.2 The Company will not refund the Registration Fee under any circumstances, except in cases of cancellation within 14 days, as specified in article 6.1 below.


    6. Cancellation 


6.1 Cancellation within 14 Days of the Payment Date


6.1.1 You may cancel the transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Transaction Cancellation), 5771 – 2010.


6.1.2 You may cancel the transaction within 14 days of the payment date and no more than 14 business days prior to the program's commencement date.


6.1.3 Cancellation requests must be sent to the Company in writing. You may file a cancellation request by email or fax.


6.1.4 The mandatory cancellation fee is 5% of the transaction amount or 100 ILS (the lower of the two). In addition, the credit card company or clearing company may charge a cancellation commission. 

6.2 Cancellation without Consumer Protection [for Non-Israeli applicants only]


6.2.1 In case of cancellation under circumstances other than the ones described in article ‎6.1 above, the following cancellation fees will apply: The one thousand U.S. Dollars deposit paid upon registration is nonrefundable. In case of early departure from the program (voluntary or per the decision of the program staff), a cancelation fee in the amount equivalent to the tuition due for the remainder of the month of departure plus the following month will be charged.

6.3 If you are eligible for a refund, it will be credited to the credit card account used in the transaction.


    7. Information Security


7.1 The company uses standard industry practices to protect the confidentiality of the information provided through the website.


7.2 The Company will use any information you provide through this website only for the purposes of clearance of payments, fraud prevention, audits, and its legitimate business purposes, or as required under law. Please note that in some instances the Company may be required to disclose certain information to the competent authorities. By using this website, you acknowledge the use above and delivery, by company, of such information where necessary.


7.3 Any questions regarding the protection of privacy may be referred to the following email address: 


    8. Miscellaneous


8.1 The placement of an order through the website constitutes a binding agreement between your self and the Company. This Agreement is subject to these terms and conditions and to the generic terms drafted by the Company in respect of each service.


8.2 The content of this website is the intellectual property of and solely owned by the Company. You are not permitted to copy, disseminate, publish, or otherwise use the content of this website without the Company’s prior written consent.


8.3 The Company will not be liable for any illegal activity performed by users of or through the website, which cannot be controlled by the company by the use of reasonable measures.


8.4 The Company retains it right to update these Terms and Conditions, from time to time, and the applicable version will be the last one published on the website.


8.5 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Israel and any dispute regarding payments made through the website or any other issue in connection with a service order placed through the website shall be adjudicated by the authorized courts in Jerusalem.


8.6 Our contact information:

  1. By phone (Accounting Dept.) – 02-6202243 

  2. By email –

  3. By post – 48 King George St., P.O.Box 92, Jerusalem

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