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Our Mechina Campuses



Location - Bachan is a secular kibbutz in Emek Hefer, 20 minutes from Netanya.


Location Description - The kibbutz has a tropical orchid park. The kibbutz members are very excited about the arrival of the mechina. Participants get to contribute to the foundation of this campus which has been a very special experience so far for past participants.

Involvement in the Community - The mechina volunteers with the children, elderly, and gardening of the kibbutz. Involvement around the kibbutz encourages a sense of community on the kibbutz. There is also volunteering in Emek Hefer, outside the kibbutz.


The Mechina Buildings - We are in the midst of renovating this campus, turning an old kibbutz complex into something special. The Mechina complex includes student rooms, classrooms, dining rooms, offices, and activity rooms. The buildings that are used on the kibbutz for Kol Ami create a little village within itself. We like to think of our campus as a kibbutz within a kibbutz.


Shabbat & Synagogue - There is a synagogue on the kibbutz, but there is not always a Minyan on Shabbat. There is no other synagogue within walking distance.


Food - The chanichim will prepare their own breakfast and dinner, and lunch will be ordered from a catering company every day. Catered lunch is not on every campus.


Language - All 6 months in English. It’s important to note that this campus still has the same Israeli:International ration, it simply provides a more welcoming opportunity for non-native Hebrew speakers to feel more confident and comfortable in class discussions and mechina activities. If you are coming with a low level of Hebrew, please let us know that Bachan is the best for you!

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